Friday, February 3, 2012


Will be working on updating and a New Bilingual site shortly for the Quebec maritime's.
Happy 2012! :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Canadian Abduction and UFO Researchers?

I see there is much help for victims of alien abduction in different parts of the world like The U.S. and England... but what about Canada? Hypnotherapy, councling, is here anything like that here? Canada is pretty big too... so I am looking for Links and Connections to put together a list of Canadian researchers. Working links :)
If you have any information on where I can find The Canadian UFO Team, please let me know!
They must be out there. For reporting a sighting in Canada, please contact Chris Rutkowski at The UFO Report: Report Sighting.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shag Harbour Incident Festival 2009 Year of the Lobster

Shag Harbour Incident Festival 2009 Year of the Lobster
My email from Cindy with the info:
Hi Jenn:

Thanks for your email and the photo. I took a look at your web page which is pretty neat too. These things are so interesting. The festival here is on for Aug. 14th and 15th. We had it planned for the week before but Stanton Friedman was asked to speak at a UFO Mufon conference in the US,which did'nt give him time to get back her. So we just bumped the date up to the next week for him. He is quite interesting and he really enjoyed himself here last summer.

Shag Harbour Incident Festival 2009 Year of the Lobster

Aug. 14th- The UFO Centre will open 9am. We will be opening for the season about mid May.There is plenty of parking space across the road at R & D Nickerson Lobster Limited. Tyler does lobster tours of the factory plus a UFO Tour in a boat. To contact him 723-2028.
10 am Press Conference. Last year we were swamped with media so we are giving them a chance to talk to the researchers.
World Famous UFO Researchers/Authors Don Ledger, Chris Styles, Stanton Friedman joined by David M. Cvet and Laurie Wickens local witness. David is just getting into the UFO Field he is planning a dive in the harbour to the UFO site this summer.
These guys will be around all day.
11am Enjoy a hotdog and pop.
1pm Chris Styles will give a talk on Shag Harbour Incident and also preview his new book. Chris has uncovered some new info which will be in his new book. I think he may touch some on this.
3pm draw for 4 Lucky people to attend the Lobster supper with the researchers at the Stage Coach Inn in Barrington.
5pm Lobster in the shell supper at the Stage Coach Inn in Barrington. $15.00 TO $20.00 Per person other items on menu.

Aug. 15th- UFO Symposium at the Barrington and Island Fire Dept. on Centerville CSI
9am David Cvet
10:10 Chris Styles
Alien Cafe lunch
12:45 Donald Ledger
2:40 Stanton Friedman
4:30 panel of 4 to answer questions
$10.00 for the days speakers
7pm Variety Show. Costume Contest. $5.00 per person

Advance tickets for the symposium Box 53, Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia B0W3B0. Make cheque payable to the Shag Harbour Incident Society.

Our UFO Centre is right now in a members building, we have been working with the local dev. auth. to build a new building close to the site. The proceeds from the weekend will go to this. It would be great if you could add this to your web page or put it on a list. I'm sure there are alot of people out there who would come if they knew about it. I think Don Ledger has the bio"s and what the guys will be speaking on on our festival web page. If you google Shag Harbour UFO I think you should get it.
Hope to see you this summer! Cindy

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I have had to disable the comments for a while for spamming reasons...
unfortunatly that has become an issue to some who log in to sites like these just so they can preach their religious views and scorn others. I am sure there are many sites on the web which will welcome those sorts of discusions. If people want to speak of their religious views I do not mind, but I do mind heavy preaching, long spam type comments which I have seen elsewhere in the same format on other blogs and trying to influence people with fear. So for now, no comments, but if you are not a spam artist and are serious and wish to comment on any of these topics in an open minded manner, please join the new Strange Encounters Interactive group forum. Spammers will be banned!

NEW Diamond UFO Photo St Jerome Quebec (2007)

Nice Diamond Shaped Craft!
I was just handed a non digi photo that was given to my hubby by a person at his work who heard I am interested in UFO's, which I scanned.
It was taken by a woman from the Gapse Coast on a trip to St Jerome June 28 2007.
She did not see it until the photos were developed.

The full image is being verified by the founder of FTTOUFO, Ed Fleming.
You can visit his new location at: FTTOUFO

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Strange Encounters Group

I have just created a new group for Strange Encounters on ning to gather new friends together and old friends. Now that our Groups on MSN are all closeing down I thought this would be a great place to regroup and start fresh. Lot's on the menu this year, I feel it will be a good one for sightings and maybe some disclosure.
Please join me at the new Strange Encounters Group...

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Web Link: Jessica Mystic!

Jessica has a very nice website I encourage people to visit.
She has a wonderful positive outlook which we all need!
Thanks for shareing your story and wisdom Jessica! :)